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Some of the best restaurants in Beijing -- Beijing duck, sichuan restaurants, dongbei restaurants, vegetarian restaurants,
western food in Beijing:
Frommers suggests these:
Beijing Da Dong Kaoya Dian (1-2/F Nanxincang International Plaza; tel. 010/5169-0329): Chef Dong of Beijing Da Dong Kaoya Dian
has made a name for himself with his light, crisp, and flavorful duck, which comes with an array of condiments, including sugar and garlic,
and new fusion dishes that don't lose sight of the fundamentals of Chinese cooking.
Chuan Jing Ban Canting (Gongyuan Tou Tiao 5; tel. 010/6512-2277): Sichuan food has conquered the capital, and this ubiquitous cuisine,
loved by Beijingers and Sichuanese alike, is best enjoyed in this chaotic, crowded restaurant owned by the Sichuan Provincial Government.
It will also be one of the cheapest meals you can have in Beijing, with the price of an entire meal averaging no more than ¥40 per person.
Maison Boulud (Qianmen Dong Da Jie 23; tel. 010/6559-9200): Housed in the former pre-1949 American embassy, the restaurant's refined "soul" food
-- brought by New York celebrity chef Daniel Boulud -- brilliantly gleams amid a landscape of mediocre French restaurants in Beijing. Everything
from the food to the wine list to the service to the atmosphere is top-notch.
Black Sesame Kitchen (Heizhima Hutong 3; tel. 0/1369-147-4408): A cooking school that also takes dinner reservations, Black Sesame Kitchen
will give you a front-seat view of the inner workings of a Chinese kitchen in a century-old courtyard -- and a delicious home-style meal with
favorites like pork-and-pumpkin pan-fried dumplings.
Best Peking Duck: Chef Dong of Beijing Da Dong Kaoya Dian has made a name for himself with his light, crisp, and flavorful duck, which comes
with an array of condiments, including sugar and garlic, and new fusion dishes that don't lose sight of the fundamentals of Chinese cooking.
Best Sichuan: Chaotic and crowded, Chuan Jing Ban Canting, a restaurant owned by the Sichuan Provincial Government, is the most authentic
place for spicy, numbing Sichuanese cuisine in the capital. There's usually a 30-minute wait for dinner, so come either early or late and be sure to
order plenty of beer with your meal to cool your tongue. If you prefer a more sedate and intimate atmosphere, try Black Sesame Kitchen,which serves
the city's best kung pao chicken.
Best Inventive Cuisine: Beijing's dining scene is on the whole conservative by international standards, and the experimental restaurants veer into truly
weird and undesirable territory (for instance, Whale Inside, which serves food in a pitch-black dining room). For inventive cuisine that's actually appetizing,
your best bets are Agua, serving Spanish tapas with an array of textures and temperatures, and Beijing Da Dong Kaoya Dian, which features stellar
Peking duck and artfully presented Chinese dishes.
Best Hot Pot: Classy hot pot can be found at Ding Ding Xiang, where the Chinese fondue comes in individual-serving pots for diners who'd rather
not take the family-style route. Fresh vegetables, an addictive dipping sauce, and yummy steamed buns make this the best hot pot place in town.
Best Noodles: Available in dozens of shapes and sauces, Shanxi-style noodles at the fashionable and aptly named Noodle Loft are among the most
satisfying in Beijing, and without the crimes of hygiene perpetrated by the more typical noodle joints.
Best Karma (Vegetarian): Pure Lotus offers delicious veggie fare in a stylish environment -- visit the Holiday Inn Lido location for a particularly
meditative, dimmed atmosphere that's perfect for dinner.
Best European: Maison Boulud, a restaurant of New York Chef Daniel Boulud, has brought world-class French cuisine -- housed in the former
neoclassical American Embassy -- to Beijing.
Best Asian (non-Chinese): Stylish decor and stunning sushi make Bei the best Japanese option in Beijing.
Best Quintessential Beijing Setting: Dali Courtyard has a beautiful courtyard setting and decent Yunnan (southwest Chinese) cuisine to match.
Best Decor: If you're a fan of designer Philippe Starck, head over to Lan for a meal in the city's most splashy, nouveau riche Chinese atmosphere.
Best Brunch: For a buffet extravaganza, visit the Westin Beijing Chaoyang for their Sunday champagne brunch, which is a great deal for its
numerous stations offering everything from foie gras and sashimi to chocolate fondue and creative pastries.

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Beijing offers a wide variety of foods from around the world, and foods from every province in China.

New Beijing restaurants open every day, so you will always be able to try something new.
The restuarants that fail will go out of business and there's always someone else who is willing to
give it a try with their own style of food.

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Here is only a partial list of the kinds of food and restaurants in Beijing:

   Chinese buffet restaurant
China seafood buffet

See Beijing restaurants map below:

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China hot pot hotpot restaurant

South American

Annie's Cafe (Anni Yidali Canting)

China seafood buffet
China Seafood Buffet

Baihe Sushi (Lily Vegetarian Restaurant)

Beijing style noodles

Be There or Be Square (Bu Jian Bu San)
Chinese restaurant
Dongcheng (City Center)

Beijing Roast Duck
Beijing Dadong Kaoya Dian
Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant is one of the best restaurants serving Beijing Roast Duck. It has a history of nearly 150 years, and today there
are many chain restaurants of it around the city. The following branches come highly recommended: the oldest Qianmen Branch as well as the two
branches at Wangfujing Street and Hepingmen Gate.
Here are the main branches of Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant in Beijing:
Quan Ju De Roast Duck Restaurant (Qianmen Branch)
hinese name: 全聚德烤鸭前门店(quán jù dé kǎo yā qián mén diàn)
Average Cost per Person: CNY 120 - 150
Location: No.32, Qianmen Street, Chongwen District
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 13:30, 16:30 - 20:30
Bus Route: 20, 17, 53, 22, 59, 819, 110
To support city planning, the restaurant in Qianmen Street has been closed for reconstruction from April to October, 2007.

Quan Ju De Roast Duck Restaurant (Hongkun Branch)
Chinese name: 全聚德烤鸭鸿坤店(quán jù dé kǎo yā hóng kūn diàn)
The new restaurant was opened on the second floor of Hongkun Hotel in April 26, 2007. It can serve meals to up to 500 people at the same time.
Location: No.1, Guangan Street, Fengtai District
Bus Route: 6, 38, 332, 321, 57, 704, 309, 390, 712, 122

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Wangfujing Branch)
Chinese name: 全聚德烤鸭王府井店(quán jù dé kǎo yā wáng fǔ jǐng diàn)
Average Cost per Person: CNY 120 - 150
Location: No.9, Shuaifuyuan Hutong, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 13:30, 16:30 - 20:00
Bus Route: 803

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Hepingmen Branch)
Chinese name: 全聚德烤鸭和平门店(quán jù dé kǎo yā hé píng mén diàn)
Average Cost per Person: CNY 120 - 150
Location: No.14, Qianmen Street (West), Xuanwu District
Opening Hours: 10:30 - 20:00
Bus Route: 44, 48, 66, 14, 15, 707

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Guomen Branch)
Chinese name: 全聚德烤鸭国门店(quán jù dé kǎo yā guó mén diàn)
Location: 1st floor, Jingxin Mansion, No.2 Jia, East 3rd Ring Road (North), Chaoyang District
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00
Bus Route: 300, 302, 419, 416, 718, 725, 730, 731, 830, 825, 847, 984, 985, 957, 96

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Yayuncun Branch)
Chinese name: 全聚德烤鸭亚运村店(quán jù dé kǎo yā yà yùn cūn diàn)
Average Cost per Person: CNY100
Location: Unit A, No.309, Hui Zhong Bei Li, Chaoyang District
Opening Hours: 9:00 - 23:00
Bus Route: 425, 752, 753 (get off at Datun Stop)

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Xicuilu Branch)
Chinese name: 全聚德烤鸭西翠路店(quán jù dé kǎo yā xī cuì lù diàn)
Average Cost per Person: CNY90
Location: No.9, Xicui Road, Haidian District
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 20:30
Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Xiushui Branch)
Chinese name: 全聚德烤鸭秀水店(quán jù dé kǎo yā xìu shuǐ diàn)
Location: 6th floor, Xiushui Mansion, No.8, Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District

In addition to Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, there are many other restaurants offering visitors the best dishes of Beijing Roast Duck.
Although less famous than Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, they also offer delicious food and are much cheaper. Visitors can also taste the
original roast duck there. Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurant, which derives its name from the meaning of 'convenient and comfortable,' is a good
choice for diners.
Some detailed information about these restaurants is listed as follows:
Bian yifang Roast Duck Restaurant (Happiness Street Branch)
Chinese name: 便宜坊烤鸭幸福路店 (biàn yífǎng kǎo yā xìng fú lù diàn)
Average Cost per Person: CNY 70
Hours: 10:00 - 21:00
Location: No.36, Happiness Street, Chongwen District
Bus Route: 8, 35, 41, 60, 116, 707

Bian yifang Roast Duck Restaurant (Chongwen Gate Branch)
Chinese name: 便宜坊烤鸭崇文门分店 (biàn yífǎng kǎo yā chóng wén mén diàn)
Average Cost per Person: CNY80 - CNY100
Hours: 11:00 - 20:00
Location: 1st floor, Hademen Hotel, No.2ed Jia, Chongmenwai Street
Bus Route: 9, 36, 39, 43, 807
Made in China (No. 1 Restaurant in Chang'an Street)
Chinese name: 长安壹号(cháng ān yī hào)
Average Cost per Person: CNY 200 - 300
Hours: 11:30 - 14:30, 18:00 - 22:00
Location: 1 F, Junyue Hotel, Dongfang Square, No.1, Chang'an Street (East)
Bus Route: 1, 4, 10, 20, 37, 59, 104, 201, 803
Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant (Tuanjie Lake Branch)
Chinese name: 大董烤鸭团结湖店(dà dǒng kǎo yā tuán jié hú diàn)
Average Cost per Person: about CNY 130
Hours: 10:00 - 22:00
Location: No.3, Tuanjie Lake, Chaoyang District
Bus Route: 105, 108
Qi Tian Lou Restaurant is popular among gourmets for its delicious dishes and reasonable prices.
Chinese name: 齐天楼 (qí tiān lóu)
Location: No.26, East Street, Drum Tower, Dongcheng District
Hong Yun Lou Roast Duck Restaurant offers roast duck of all kinds as well as some home cooking.
Chinese name: 鸿运楼烤鸭店(hóng yùn lóu kǎo yā diàn)
Location: No.14, Xidan Jie (North), Xicheng District

Yi Pin Yuan Roast Duck Restaurant is the best restaurant serving roast duck and home cooking that is delicious but cheap.
Chinese name: 一品园烤鸭店(yī pǐn yuán kǎo yā diàn)
Location: No.24, Huangsi Jie, Xicheng District
Li Qun Roast Duck Restaurant is situated in a traditional compound courtyard. The environment and the flavor of the dishes will give the diner a
real feeling of the locals.
Chinese name: 利群烤鸭店(lì qún kǎo yā diàn)
Location: No.11, Xiangfeng Hutong, Qianmen Jie (East), Chongwen District

King Roast Duck
This restaurant also supplies delicate Beijing roast duck but the price is reasonable.
Chinese name: 鸭王
Average Cost per Person: CNY 100
Location: to the west of Scitech Plaza, 24 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District
Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant offers the traditional Beijing Roast Duck as well as the special roast duck - Su Bu Ni (crisp but not greasy) with low
fat content. It is a better choice for the lady who is on a diet.
Chinese name: 北京烤鸭店(běi jīng kǎo yā diàn)
Location: No.3, north of Tuanjie Lake, Chaoyang District
Li Kang Roast Duck Restaurant offers visitors cheap but delicious roast duck. The Roast Lamb here is also popular.
Chinese name: 利康烤鸭店(lì kāng kǎo yā diàn)
Location: No.1, Gong Ren Ti Yu Chang Lu (South), Chaoyang District
Sai Fei Ya Roast Duck Restaurant runs 24 hours a day, serving roast duck and family-style dishes of all flavors.
Chinese name: 赛飞亚烤鸭店(sài fēi yà kǎo yā diàn)
Location: southwest corner of Guanganmen Qiao, Xuanwu District
Jiu Hua Shan Roast Duck
Chinese name: 九花山烤鸭(jǐu huā shān kǎo yā)
Location: in the east gate of Workers' Stadium, Chaoyang District
Qian Men Roast Duck Restaurant
Chinese name: 前门烤鸭店(qián mén kǎo yā diàn)
Location: No.14, Qianmen Jie, Chongwen District
Chinese Chaoyang
Beijing business and trade information

lobster dinner
Bellagio (Lu Gang Xiaozhen)  Lobster and seafood restaurant
Chinese Chaoyang

Chinese desserts
Blu Lobster (Lan Yun Xi Can Ting)
Continental  Beijing West, Haidian & Yayun Cun
Beijing roast duck
Beijing Roast Duck being served

Cafe Sambal
Asian/Pac Rim Back Lakes & Dong Cheng

Cepe (Yiwei Xuan)
Italian Beijing West, Haidian & Yayun Cun

Chuan Jing Ban Canting
Chinese Back Lakes & Dong Cheng

Dali Courtyard (Da Li)
Chinese Back Lakes & Dong Cheng

Ding Ding Xiang

roast duck
Delicous Beijing Roast Duck!

Dongbei Hu
Chinese Beijing West, Haidian & Yayun Cun

Flo (Fu Lou)
French Chaoyang

Green T. House (Zi Yun Xuan)
Asian/Pac Rim Chaoyang

Green T. House Living (Zi Yun Xuan)

Haiku by Hatsune (Yin Quan Zhi Yu)

Hatsune (Yin Qhuan)
Sushi/Japanese Chaoyang

Horizon (Haitian Ge)
Chinese Chaoyang

Huajia Yiyuan
Chinese Back Lakes & Dong Cheng

Huangcheng Lao Ma
Chinese Chaoyang

Hutong Pizza
Pizza Back Lakes & Dong Cheng

Indian Kitchen (Yindu Xiao Chu)
Indian Chaoyang

Jaan (Jia An)
French Beijing City Center, around Wangfujing Dajie

Kejia Cai
Chinese Back Lakes & Dong Cheng

Kong Yiji Jiudian
Chinese Back Lakes & Dong Cheng

Chinese Chaoyang

Le Cafe Igosso
Italian Chaoyang

Made in China (Chang An Yi Hao)
Chinese Dongcheng (City Center)

Mala Youhuo

Mare (Da Pa Shi)
Spanish/Portuguese Chaoyang

Morel's (Molaolongxi Xicanting)

hotpot beijing
Chinese Hot Pot dinner

Morel's (Molaolongxi Xicanting)
French/Belgian Chaoyang

My Humble House (Dongfang Hanshe)
Asian/Pac Rim Dongcheng (City Center)

No Name Restaurant (Wu Ming Can Ting)
Chinese Back Lakes & Dong Cheng

Noodle Loft (Mian Ku Shanxi Shiyi)

Nuage (Qing Yun Lou)
Asian/Pac Rim Back Lakes & Dong Cheng

Otto's Restaurant (Richang Cha Canting)

Pamer (Pami'er Shifu)
Chinese Beijing South

Paper (Jian)
Chinese Back Lakes & Dong Cheng

People 8 (Renjian Xuanse)
Chinese Chaoyang

Pure Lotus (Jing Xn Lian)
Vegetarian Beijing West, Haidian & Yayun Cun

Rumi (Rumi)
Middle Eastern Chaoyang

San Ge Guizhouren
Chinese Chaoyang

San Ge Guizhouren
"Soon after I arrived in China, my boss took me and some of my new colleagues to Three Guizhou Men. Therefore, I went with no hype, no reputation, and no idea of what exactly "Guizhou" food was like at all. So perhaps my review will be lacking as far as an authentic take on the relative GuiZhou-ness (GuiZhouity?) of the restaurant, but I digress.
Bottom line - as I pile onto the other fine reviews which have served as my confirmation that I still have some tastebuds worth their salt (I apologize) - great food. I didn't pay, so I don't know how much it cost, but I'm glad to see that when I go back, it won't break the bank.
We had a dozen dishes, of which I can easily pick out two in particular that stood out: suan la fish and absolutely breathtaking ribs. The service was great, the private room we had was very intimate-turned-carousing as the alcohol took effect.
Everyone had a great time. What more can I say? If you live in Beijing, go to Three Guizhou Men."
Tag: Guizhou ribs fish
"Do check out the photos of this place if you're really itching for this place and are ready to give a try since everybody has been talking about it lately. I assure you that they are not deceiving photos. The food really tastes AS delicious AS they look in the pictures! My mouth waters just by looking at them... The pictures of those dishes refresh my memories about the wonderful experience I had last Thursday...
It was a nice thursday summer night...Ok, ok, I will just cut the crap...but seriously, you can't go wrong with their guizhou style mashed potato, the famous ribs, the sour fish hotpot and the grilled beef...these were what I got. They are simply delicious! I especially loved the eggplant pickled salad!
I'm gonna save my little speech because I don't want to repeat the details everybody else has alrady talked about. Just go check it out yourself! It's awesome!!
PS: The waiting staff speak English
Tag: eggplant pickled salad!"
Categories: Guizhou/Guangxi
朝阳区工体西路8号楼  Chāoyáng qū gōng tǐ xī lù 8 hào lóu, Gongti Ximen , +86 10 6551 8517/8519

Sansheng Wanwu
Chinese Back Lakes & Dong Cheng

Serve The People
(Wei Renmin Fuwu)
Thai food Beijing
Thai Food
Chaoyang District, Beijing
"This long-running Thai restaurant has a loyal crowd and the Sanlitun branch has a pleasant terrace. Menu items include mango salad, green
chicken curry, pad thai and tom kha gai (coconut chicken soup, a blend of spicy, sour and sweet). The more spacious Shunyi location is
elegantly decorated and overlooks a small lake, with a small lawn and kid's playground equipment on the grounds, making it suitable for families
and private parties. Voted "Outstanding Thai" in the Beijinger's 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards."

Source (Dujiangyuan)
Chinese Back Lakes & Dong Cheng

Taipo Tianfu Shanzhen
Chinese Beijing South

Taj Pavilion (Taiji Lou Yindu Canting)
Indian Chaoyang

The Courtyard (Siheyuan)
Eclectic Dongcheng (City Center)

Tianjin Bai Jiao Yuan
Chinese Beijing South

Vineyard (Putaoyuan'r)
Continental Back Lakes & Dong Cheng

Whampoa Club Beijing (Huang Pu Hui)
Chinese Beijing West, Haidian & Yayun Cun

Xian'r Lao Man
Chinese Back Lakes & Dong Cheng

Xiangyang Tun
Beijing West, Haidian & Yayun Cun

Xiao Wang Fu
Chinese Chaoyang

Xibei Youmian Cun
 Xi Bei Youmian cun Beijing
Chinese Beijing West, Haidian & Yayun Cun
Homely best describes the ambience of this restaurant- Chinese and other families love to come here.
The food is delicious and there is a diverse range of dishes to choose from. The seafood, the lamb, the chicken and the
vegetarian dishes are all excellent.
Hui Zhong BeiLu AnHui BeiLi An Yuan 8Hao Lou, Beijing, China
8 Yayun Cun Anyuan Rd
corner of Anhui Bei Li and Huizhong Bei Rd
Phone: 6489 0256

Xiyu Shifu
Chinese Beijing West, Haidian & Yayun Cun

Yunnan Jin Kongque Dehong Daiwei Canguan
Chinese Beijing West, Haidian & Yayun Cun

Yunteng Binguan
Chinese Beijing South

Yuxiang Renjia
Chinese Beijing South

Zhang Sheng Ji Jiudian
Chinese Beijing West, Haidian & Yayun Cun

Quan Ju De (Peking Duck)

Hard Rock Cafe Beijing

Fangshan (Imperial)


Beijing Da Dong Roast Duck

Afunti Uighur Restaurant

Starbucks Beijing

Dong Lai Shun Huo Guo

Wahaha Restaurant

1001 Nights

Oriental Plaza Food Court

Paulaner Bräuerei

Pizza Hut Beijing

Tuan Jie Hu (Peking Duck)

Xiheyaju Restaurant

Green Tianshi Vegetarian Restaurant

Xiao Wang Fu Restaurant

Fei Teng Yu Xiang

KFC Beijing Kentucky Fried Chicken


Sichuan Restaurant

Spicy hotpot

Green Teahouse

Bao Zi

Li Qun Roast Duck Restaurant

Mexican Wave

Jin Ding Xuan Restaurant

Outback Steakhouse

Red Capital Club

Steak and Eggs

Fuku Restaurant

Taj Restaurant

3000 miles Korean BBQ

Da Zhai Men Restaurant

Beijing Hotel Restaurant

Bu Jian Bu San

Qiao Jiang Nan (South Beauty Restaurant)

Pink Loft


Be There or Be Square Cafe

Gong De Lin


Prime Hotel Wangfujing Restaurant

Purple Vine

Henry J.Bean's
Golden Elephant - Sanlitun
Cafe Annies
Red Basil

Aria Bar

Phrik Thai

Asian Star


First Restaurant

Lao Ma Restaurant

Qian He Xiang

Hangawe Korean Restaurant

Ru Ya


Dunhuang La Mian Restaurant

Lao Zhang Jiao Zhi Dian

Lao Han Zi Hakka Restaurant

Great Wall Sheraton

Huang Cheng Lao Ma

Rong Yuan Restaurant

Hao Jing seafood restaurant

Jin Shan Cheng Chong Qing Restaurant

Isshin Restaurant


Nen Gren Ju


Flo French Restaurant

Fruity Mix

Pass By Bar

Qian Yi Internet Cafe


No. 1 Branch of Sichuan Restaurant

Jinjiang Palace restaurant in Hotel Asia

Makye Ame

The South Silk Road

Le Petit Gourmand

Hui Zhen Lou Restaurant

Riverside Cafe

Three Guizhouren

Churrascos (Brazilian)

Little Penang

Duck and Dark

Green Club

Beard Papa's


Chuan Ban

Wu Ming Ju

King of Duck

Rosie's Restaurant

Pure Lotus (Jing Xin Lian, in Chinese)

Rose Cafe.

beijing family style meal

Beijing family style meal

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crispy beijing roast duck skin
Beijing Duck Restaurants
Beijing Duck
the earliest roast duck restaurant in Beijing was the old Bianyifang Restaurant, which opened during the Jiajing reign (1522-1566).
Peking Duck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Peking Duck, or Peking Roast Duck is a famous duck dish from Beijing.
Beijing Duck Restaurants
Beijing duck is the local flavor of Beijing.
Bianyifang Restaurant
Bian Yi Fang Roast Duck Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant with an old brand name and a very long history.
Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurant
offiial site in Chinese.
Quanjude Duck Restaurant
official site. With its long history, Quanjude roast duck is well known among both domestic and overseas customers.
Ya Wang Roast Duck Restaurant ( Duck King )
official site. Ya Wang ( King Duck ) roast duck restaurant is not satisfied with traditional Beijing roasted duck and goes one step further.
The King Roast Duck Restaurant
The duck slices are not greasy, not fatty, melting into our mouths.
Beijing Dadong Roast Restaurant
The restaurant claims to use a special method to reduce the amount of fat in its birds.
Jiuhuashan Roast Duck Restaurant
The ducks here, comparatively low on fat and crispy outside, are reasonable.
Li Qun Roast Duck Restaurant
Read the Fodor's review of Li Qun Roast Duck Restaurant.

Beijing Imperial Cuisine
Chinese Imperial cuisine
Chinese imperial cuisine is derived from a variety of cooking styles of the regions in China.
Beihai Fangshan Restaurant
Offering Imperial Cuisine, the Fangshan Restaurant inside Beihai Park was an unique experience.
Ting Liguan Imperial Cuisine
The restaurant has a team of technical officers and skilled chefs that numbers almost a hundred.
Baijia Dazhaimen Review
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Chinese aristocrat cuisine
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Li Family Restaurant
The restaurant's imperial dishes are cooked and served by the Li family in a cozy, informal atmosphere.
Mei Wei Zhen Restaurant
known mainly for their own unique “Royal Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” and “Royal Man-Han Banquet".

Beijing Cuisine Restaurants
Time-honored restaurants in Beijing
Beijing with a long history has many time-honored restaurants.
Donglaishun Hotpot
It uses traditional copper devices that heat the cooking water with coals.
Hai Wan Ju Review
Haiwan means "a bowl as deep as the sea," fitting for this eatery that specializes in large bowls of hand-pulled noodles.
Kaorou Ji (BBQ Season)
Come here for lunch because the restaurant sits right on the water of Shishahai area.
Beijing Unique Restaurants
a list of Beijing Time-honored Restaurants.
Fu Jia Lou Restaurant
Get a taste of old Beijing at this traditional-style restaurant replete with robed waiters who yell out a greeting when you walk inside.
Old Beijing Home-Style Dumplings
Beijing-style Dumplings.
Hua Jia Yi Yuan
Huajia Yiyuan is a restaurant with the feel of an old courtyard and the taste of Beijing's new "Hua Family Cuisine.
Tianjin Bai Jiao Yuan
They make the dumplings fresh, as you order, and they have more filling combinations than you can imagine.
Whampoa Club
Whampoa Club offers a refreshing respite from Beijing's rather characterless financial district.
Yuebin Restaurant
The very first privately owned restaurant in Beijing to open after the Cultural Revolution.
Fu Jia Lou Beijing
A taste of old Beijing at this traditional-style restaurant replete with robed waiters.
Liu Zhai Shifu
Authentic local cuisine, Liu Zhai Shifu, a small family-run restaurant just north of Meishuguan.
Feiteng Yuxiang
The best hot fish dish ( shuizhuyu ) in Beijing with many chain restaurants.

Beijing Snacks
Beijing Snacks
Beijing has a time-honored history of producing various kinds of snacks.
Huguosi Snacks Restaurant
Huguosi Xiaochi. "Xiaochi" literally means "small eats" - snacks. There are many "small eats" in the famous traditional Beijing snacks.
Dong Hua Men Night Market
Read reviews and get information for Dong Hua Men Night Market and other Beijing restaurants at IgoUgo.
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a list of major food streets in Beijing.
Jiumen Xiaochi
Do you want to try authentic Beijing snacks? Jiumen Xiaochi!
Beijing Night Food Market
Night Market in Beijing: Sea Horses, Grass Hoppers, Mostly Sea Food, Snakes..

Beijing Regional Cuisine
Eight Cuisines
Chinese food can be roughly divided into eight regional cuisines.
Chinese cuisine
eight main regional cuisines.
Xiao Wang Fu
A favorite among local expats, Xiao Wang Fu serves homestyle fare and duck.
Din Tai Fung, Beijing
one of Taipei's most famous restaurants and warmly welcomed by Beijing's food fanatics.
Huajia Yiyuan
this popular courtyard restaurant claims to have created a new Chinese supercuisine.
Qiaojiangnan ( South Beauty ) Restaurant Chains
South Beauty’s philosophy is focused on guiding guests to discover great traditional and new cuisine through remarkably attentive service.
Jin Ding Xuan
One of the cheaper places to find decent dim sum. Some branches open 24 hours - good for night owls.
Taiwanese Cuisine at Bellagio
a nice Taipei style restaurant.
Makye Ame
Makye Ame is one of the oldest Tibetan restaurants in Beijing.
Drum and Gong Fusion Restaurant
A perfect blend of Asian and Sichuan cuisine can be savored at Drum and Gong Fusion Restaurant.
Afunti Restaurant Beijing
At the Afunti Restaurant, Beijing, you can look forward to a delectable array of cuisine perfectly coupled with vivacious music and dance.
Xinjiang Red Rose
Xinjiang folk dancer at Red Rose Restaurant.
South Silk Road
Serving the specialties of southwest China's Yunnan province in a minimalist setting.
Kong Yiji Jiudian
this popular restaurant was named for the alcoholic scholar-bum protagonist of a short story by Lu Xun, the father of modern Chinese literature.
South Beauty
One of the best Sichuan food restaurants in Beijing

Beijing Vegetarian
Where to Eat Vegetarian Food in Beijing?
the best vegetarian restaurants by
Beijing Vegetarian Restaurants
directory of natural health food stores and guide to a healthy dining.

beijing restaurant

Pure Lotus
quality of menu, decor, presentation and the way the food is prepared.
Tian Chu Miao Xiang
This is a good place to go if you happen to be in the vicinity of Beijing or Tsinghua Universities or the Summer Palace.
Xu Xiang Zhai
Xu Xiang Zhai" is conveniently located next to several of Beiling’s scenic spots including the Imperlal College and Yonghegong.
Still Thoughts Vegetarian Restaurant
Still Thoughts is a newcomer to the Beijing Buddhist vegetarian scene.
Yi Yang Vegetarian Restaurant
Yi Yang Vegetarian Restaurant was the imperial kitchen for ancient Chinese emperors.
Green Tianshi
the imitation of real meat, not only in appearance but also in taste.

Beijing Hot Pot
Where to Eat Hot Pot in Beijing
pot restaurants are especially popular during the winter season when the city cools down and diners are looking for a nice hot meal.
Beijing Hot Pot Listing
provided by City Weekend Guide.
Dong Lai Shun Huo Guo
Instant-boiled Mutton hot pot.

lamb hotpot

Lamb Hot pot
Hot pot is eaten year-round. Typical Beijing hot pot is eaten indoors during the winter.
Beijing Hot Pot
offered by Beijing This Month.
Ding Ding Xiang
this Mongolian-style mutton hot pot restaurant is tremendously and justifiably popular for its signature dipping sauce.
Youtube - Beijing Hot Pot
from Youtube, Eating Hot Pot.
Mongolian Hot Pot
Mongolian Hot Pot, also known as mutton hotpot.

Cafes & Teahouse in Beijing
Teahouses- Beijing
Insider tips on Teahouses in Beijing.
Laoshe Teahouse
in Chinese,a unique place in Beijing showing the entertainments.
Tianqiao Happy Tea House (Tianqiao Le Chaguan)
The Tianqiao puts on essentially the same show as Lao She's Teahouse.
Alba Cafe
This cafe offers strong cafe and fresh baked pastries located at Nanluoguxiang.
Beijing teahouses and drama theater
A glimpse at traditional Chinese culture. Beijing teahouses and drama theaters.
YouTube - Beijing, Tea House
Beijing, Tea House, Chinese Traditional performance.
Beijing Best Tea Houses
provided by
Cafe Zarah
A popular gem on picturesque Gulou Dajie.

Foreign Food Restaurants in Beijing
Oh! Marco French Café & Restaurant
a French Café & Restaurant specialized in wine.
The Meat & Wine Co Steakhouse, Beijing
The latest addition to the ever expanding global Meat & Wine Co footprint.
1001 Nights
one of the best places in Beijing for Middle Eastern Cuisine.
Der Landgraf
serving lots of traditional German favourites.
Steaks from Manhattan
Beijing's first authentic American steakhouse.
Dini's Kosher Restaurant Beijing, China
Dini's Kosher Restaurant is the first and only kosher restaurant in beijing under the certification of Rabbi Shimon Freundlich of Chabad Beijing...
"The Little Mermaid"
a nice skandinavisk restaurant.
Maxim's de Paris, Beijing restaurant
known for its refined french cooking by prestigious customers.
Quan Jin Cheng
Korean, Barbeque BBQ Beijing.
Justine's Beijing
Justine's Restaurant is one of the finest French restaurants in Beijing.
T.G.I. Friday's - Guide to Beijing
G.I. Friday's. 19 Jian Guo Men Wai Da, Jie Citic Building.
Sports City Cafe
Sports City Cafe is the only restaurant in Beijing with an international standard basketball half court on site.
Han Na Shan
Han Na Shan” is a Korean barbecue restaurant in Beijing.
Sorabol, Běijīng
Sorabol. Lonely Planet travel information, advice, reviews.
Annie's Cafe (Anni Yidali Canting
tremendously welcoming Italian bistro tucked among the nightspots at the west gate of Chaoyang Gongyuan.
Beijing American Restaurants
a useful list of American restaurants in Beijing.

Schlotzsky's Deli Beijing

Schltozsky's Deli Beijing
This Austin, Texas-based chain serves up tasty meats (salami, turkey, pastrami) on fresh baked breads like sourdough, dark rye
and whole wheat. Pizza and cookies also available. Schlotzskys Deli Beijing.
Schlotzsky's sandwich
CBD area downtown Beijing
2/F, Bldg 2, China World Shopping Mall, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District
Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat-Sun 9am-5pm
Tel: 6505 0806
Parking available
Delivery available
No smoking sections
¥ 0-30 per person

Starbucks Coffee Beijing China

Subway sandwiches Beijing

Pizza Hut Beijing

KFC Beijing
KFC restaurants locations in Beijing China

Dairy Queen ice cream Beijing
Outback Steakhouse
Dominos Pizza Beijing
Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors ice cream Beijing
Piazza Cafe Shunyi district Beijing

American Steak & Eggs
Bar Street behind Friendship Store, one traffic light West of Silk Market, Near US Embassy, Xiushui Nanjie, Jianguomenwai, Beijing
010-65928088, 65928788, 86810163
American Steak & Eggs
Providing affordable meals, including classic carb-heavy diner breakfast and hearty dinner specials.

French Restaurants in Beijing
For those who love to eat French cuisines, Beijing has an extensive range of French restaurants.
Italian Restaurants in Beijing
The city has a great number of Italian restaurants.
Japanese Restaurants in Beijing
Specializing in offering you lip smacking Japanese delicacies.
Phrik Thai Beijing
Explore the Beijing dining & restaurant guide to find professional reviews and information on top Asian restaurants.
Paulaner Brauhaus, Beijing

Very Siam
With its peaceful ambiance and exceptional dishes, Very Siam has built up an enthusiastic clientele.

Hatsune Beijing
Japanese delicacies like the fresh sashimi, tempura, grilled fish and sushi rolls are a must try outs at Hatsune Japanese Restaurant.

McDonald's, Beijing - Restaurants

Beijing, China restaurant reviews for McDonald's posted by real travelers and Beijing locals.

Beijing Foreign Restaurants
a list of foreign resturants in Beijing.

Indian Restaurants in China
a list of Indian restaurants by Indian Embassy in Beijing.

Russian Restaurants in Beijing

Thai Restaurants

Brasserie Flo
the best French food in Beijing.

Taj Pavilion
the best Indian food restaurant in Beijing.
Restaurant Hatsune beijing
the best Japanses food restaurant in Beijing.
Green T. House
dining should be part of a lifestyle experience.

typical Brazilian dishes like feijoada and drinks like cachaca.

Aria delivers stylish, modern European cuisine courtesy of Chef de Cuisine Bernhard Lermann.

Lan Beijing
high quality of ingredients and creative combinations of foods from China and around the World.

Mirch Masala
Indian Food. Tasty, authentc and affordable in a pleasant environment.

Raj Indian Restaurant and Bar
Indian Style food at reasonable prices in an interesting courtyard.

Haiku by Hatsune
Soups, Salads, yakitori, karaage, sashimi, sushi and teppanyaki.

Dini's Kosher Restaurant
Jewish dishes. In everything it serves, it is true to the laws of Kashrut and everything is kosher.

The Kro's Nest
The Kro's Nest is the real shit in China for a reason-we're not business guys, we just care about making great pizza.

SALT restaurant combines contemporary minimalist décor in a welcoming setting.

Brasserie Flo Beijing
This Beijing European restaurant is one of the best places to eat European food in Beijing.

Beijing's only purveyor of Persian cuisine in a stylish minimalist setting.

Grandma's Kitchen
A taste of good old American comfort food with favorites such as strawberry milkshakes, chicken noodle soup, BLT sandwiches, and apple pies...

steamed dumplings

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